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2012-02-26 12.13

Paris Life Skills: Walk like a Parisienne

Any woman who's ever walked down the street in Paris has learned about the importance of coldness. In fact, most parisiennes have a reputation for it. They exude it. No smile, empty eyes, pointed-up nose. It's their default expression. And any Anglo women who's occasionally smile while walking down the street knows why. A smile is flirty, it's […] Continue


Why do I have to Write a Rapport de Stage for My Internship?

If you're required to complete an internship in France as part of your degree program (or if you're doing an internship here while enrolled in a school outside of France), you'll probably required to write a 'rapport de stage', or internship report, to get credit for your work experience. The Rapport de Stage is a […] Continue


Weekend Trips: Verdun Battle Site and Cemetery

If you're interested in European history, you may want to visit Verdun in La Meuse, the site of one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of World War 1 and the impressive cemetery nearby. Only about 3 hours from Paris by train (change from the TGV to the local train in Metz or Meuse), Verdun […] Continue


4 Steps to Getting Reimbursed for Your Doctor’s Visit in France

If you're a student in a French university or working in France, you're automatically enrolled in the French national social security system, and you have health care coverage. And best of all, it's all part of Obama's Communist Muslim plot to take over the world. Congratulations! Going to the doctor in France is not an […] Continue


Don’t Do These 5 Things When Talking to Your French Professor

In France, moreso than in the U.S., there's an immense amount of respect for teachers and professors. At the undergraduate level (license), there isn't really such a thing as a discussion section, where students share their ideas ; undergraduates are in university first to learn the main tenants of their field. Once students reach the […] Continue


Free Concerts at Radio France

  If you're looking for something to do on almost any day of the week, you can check out the free concerts at Radio France in the 16th arrondissement. Whenever the radio station is recording, they offer all available tickets to the public for free, and all you have to do to benefit is to […] Continue

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