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Paris Unraveled
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The Complete Guide to Study Abroad Programs in France


The Real Reason It’s So Hard to Rent an Apartment in Paris

Location saisonnière. That's the reason it's so damn hard to find an affordable rental in Paris. It's also why landlords can double down on the requirement that you have a French guarantor and make at least three times the rent of your apartment, even though it's not a requirement of the law, and is technically […] Continue


Know Your Rights: 5 Ways to Leave Your CDI Job in France

As we already discussed, a CDI work contract means you have a job forever, or, at least until the contract is ended by mutual agreement with your employer or you quit. There are five ways to end a job in France, of which three can be litigious. It's quite common in France for the end […] Continue


Weekend Trips: Verdun Battle Site and Cemetery

If you're interested in European history, you may want to visit Verdun in La Meuse, the site of one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of World War 1 and the impressive cemetery nearby. Only about 3 hours from Paris by train (change from the TGV to the local train in Metz or Meuse), Verdun […] Continue


3 Steps to Canceling Your Internet Service (Without Paying Fees)

The first time I left France, in 2008, I thought I'd canceled my internet service. I dropped my Orange Livebox off at an Orange boutique in my neighborhood and gotten a receipt, written a letter to the service abonnement, and sent it off with paperwork showing that my visa was expiring and I was leaving […] Continue



6 Tips for Preparing for A Study Abroad Program in France

There are so many study abroad programs in France, you don't know what to do. You've dreamed of waking up in the City of Lights, with a view of the Eiffel Tower from your bedroom. And now, you're ready to make it happen. But before you jump into any study abroad program that will get […] Continue


Free Concerts at Radio France

  If you're looking for something to do on almost any day of the week, you can check out the free concerts at Radio France in the 16th arrondissement. Whenever the radio station is recording, they offer all available tickets to the public for free, and all you have to do to benefit is to […] Continue

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