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Paris Unraveled
How to Save $40,000 Studying Abroad in France
The Complete Guide to Study Abroad Programs in France


4 Listservs You Should Definitely Join if You’re Living in Paris

When you move to a new country for the first time, it can be hard to know where to go for vital information on everything from finding housing to getting a job. Of course, this is the raison d'être of Paris Unraveled. But we're not the only ones who can provide useful information about living […] Continue



5 Ways to Earn Money While Studying Abroad in France

Studying abroad is expensive, and even if you've saved up money and taken out a student loan, it can be difficult to balance your budget for your studies with a budget for all the traveling you want to do while you're in France. It would be great to get a job to have a bit […] Continue


Weekend Trips: Verdun Battle Site and Cemetery

If you're interested in European history, you may want to visit Verdun in La Meuse, the site of one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of World War 1 and the impressive cemetery nearby. Only about 3 hours from Paris by train (change from the TGV to the local train in Metz or Meuse), Verdun […] Continue


4 Steps to Getting Reimbursed for Your Doctor’s Visit in France

If you're a student in a French university or working in France, you're automatically enrolled in the French national social security system, and you have health care coverage. And best of all, it's all part of Obama's Communist Muslim plot to take over the world. Congratulations! Going to the doctor in France is not an […] Continue


5 Reasons Why There are No Scholarships for Studying Abroad in France

Every week, I get the same email in my inbox from a new student. "Hi Allison, I really want to come to France to study French / philosophy / literature, but I have no money and I need a scholarship. Can you help me?" Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. Scholarships for study abroad in […] Continue


What to Do During Your Free Time as an Assistant in France

Do you always do whatever it takes to stay busy?  Yet, whenever you have time on your hands, you get bored?   When boredom sets in, you feel like your very existence is futile, and, much like in the Myth of Sisyphus, you roll your own stone endlessly.  Maybe you’ve already decided to go to […] Continue

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