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Paris Unraveled
How to Save $40,000 Studying Abroad in France
The Complete Guide to Study Abroad Programs in France


4 Listservs You Should Definitely Join if You’re Living in Paris

When you move to a new country for the first time, it can be hard to know where to go for vital information on everything from finding housing to getting a job. Of course, this is the raison d'être of Paris Unraveled. But we're not the only ones who can provide useful information about living […] Continue


How to Apply for a Job as a Lecteur d’Anglais in a French University

If you'd like to teach English in France but the idea of singing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes with a bunch of elementary school kids makes you cringe, you may want to apply to be a lecteur d'anglais in a French university. In addition to being guaranteed that you'll work with university students instead of […] Continue


Weekend Trips: Verdun Battle Site and Cemetery

If you're interested in European history, you may want to visit Verdun in La Meuse, the site of one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of World War 1 and the impressive cemetery nearby. Only about 3 hours from Paris by train (change from the TGV to the local train in Metz or Meuse), Verdun […] Continue


3 Steps to Canceling Your Internet Service (Without Paying Fees)

The first time I left France, in 2008, I thought I'd canceled my internet service. I dropped my Orange Livebox off at an Orange boutique in my neighborhood and gotten a receipt, written a letter to the service abonnement, and sent it off with paperwork showing that my visa was expiring and I was leaving […] Continue


How to Apply to Master’s Programs at French Universities Using CampusFrance

If you're applying to most French universities, you'll need to complete the application process through the online CampusFrance portal. While some universities don't accept applications through the online system, you'll still have to use CampusFrance as part of the visa process. The process of applying to French universities through CampusFrance is somewhat different depending on […] Continue


Jenny & François Selections: Paris Wine Bars

A friend of mine from Middlebury studied abroad in Paris last year, and her husband was in the wine business. He just posted this cool link on Facebook this afternoon. Jenny and François Selections is a wine importing business, and on their website, they not only describe the different types of restaurants where you can […] Continue