Moving to France is exciting... and bureaucratically frustrating! (French bureaucracy is notorious for a reason).That's why Paris Unraveled is here to help.

Allison Lounes has been helping people France since 2010.

allison lounesAllison arrived in France as an undergraduate in the Columbia University study abroad program in 2007-2008. When she came back in September, 2009, to do a Master’s program at l’Université de Paris 7 in Comparative Literature studying folktales and oral tradition, she paid €460 for the privilege – which included a year of health insurance! She muddled through visa issues, health insurance signups, and apartment rentals by herself – and began writing Paris Unraveled to advise people moving to France for the first time. Now, she helps dozens of clients navigate French bureaucracy, deal with visa issues, and confront the challenges of everyday life in France.

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Stress less, drink more wine, and impress your friends with how effortlessly you France.

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